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On-Site Support

  • Portable Workshops
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    On-Site Workshop Mobilization Services

    At the heart of our service offering is convenience and efficiency. That's why we bring our top-tier workshops directly to your site. Our on-site mobilization services include:

    • Valve Testing Portable Workshop: We carry out comprehensive valve testing services right at your location, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to your operations.

    • Valve Calibration Lab: Our portable lab is equipped for precise valve calibrations. We bring the precision of a lab setting directly to your site, enhancing the performance and reliability of your systems.

    • Valve Repairing Workshop: We offer on-the-spot valve repair services. Our on-site workshop minimizes downtime and ensures your operations continue smoothly and effectively.

    • Oxygen Valve-Friendly Environment Workshop: We understand the specific requirements for handling oxygen valves. Our specialized on-site workshop ensures safe and efficient servicing, meeting the highest safety standards.

On-Site Support

  • Emergency Engagement
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    Your 24/7 Emergency Engagement Partner

    No matter the hour, no matter the day, emergencies in the industrial sector wait for no one. At ALSAMAMAT, we wholly understand this. That's why we are committed to being your reliable partner, offering round-the-clock emergency services. We believe in keeping your operations running smoothly, with as little downtime as possible.

    For immediate response, reach us at +966143254047 or +966556001629.

    Our industrious team of experts stands ready, 24/7, to provide critical services in the face of any emergency. We specialize in handling daily maintenance, managing turnarounds, and swiftly dealing with outages. Serving a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, refineries, and petrochemical sectors, we are equipped to handle the most demanding situations.

    With ALSAMAMAT by your side, you're never alone during an emergency. Trust us to deliver prompt, professional, and efficient responses when you need it the most. Because at ALSAMAMAT, your emergency is our priority.

On-Site Support

  • Leakage Stopping & Sealing
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    Leakage Stopping & Sealing: Reliable, Efficient, and on Emergency Call

    At ALSAMAMAT, we provide high-quality leakage stopping and sealing services for all types of valves, pressures, and pipe leaks. Our online leak sealing solutions are a preferred choice as they save energy, prevent costly shutdowns, and effectively address a wide variety of leaks.

    Through relentless R&D, we've supplied our own proprietary leak-sealing compounds capable of addressing a diverse range of steam, chemical, hydrocarbon, and gas leaks. They perform impressively under extreme conditions, from -100°C to 850°C and pressures up to 250 bar.

    Our compounds have undergone rigorous testing in thousands of applications over several years, ensuring their performance is trustworthy. We design, test, and manufacture our compounds are designed, tested, and manufactured as per ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, thus guaranteeing the highest level of quality assurance.

    Further, we've proprietary software for designing the necessary fittings and clamps in accordance with ASME standards.

    Application Scope of Our Online Leak Sealing Process

    Our online process can effectively seal standard leaks in a variety of equipment, including:

    • Flange Joints
    • Pipes and Piping Components
    • Valve Glands
    • Transformers
    • Ball Valves
    • Pressure Seal Valve Bonnets
    • Tank Roofs
    • Fin Fan Coolers

    With ALSAMAMAT, you get a partner committed to delivering top-quality leakage stopping and sealing solutions on emergency call, designed for excellence and performance.